Monday, October 22, 2012

Photo Art Maniac - Two years anniversary

It was two years ago when I first invented the game idea for PAM and draw first UI design to my notebook. But it took until summer 2011 before version 1.0 was released (for Symbian^3 phones). In the beginning of this year 1.0 for Android saw the light of day and since then many updates have been released. Newest version 2.2 (released today) adds possibility to post photos and high score announcements directly to the user's Facebook wall. So we can say that this is the two years anniversary release.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Photo Art Maniac 2.1

Photo Art Maniac version 2.1 is out. Game usage experience was streamlined to be easier and more comfortable. Take part to the challenge and try if you have photo artist skills to make your artwork to Global Gallery. Get the game from Google Play.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photo Art Maniac 2.0

Photo Art Maniac version 2.0 is released. Most important new feature is a global shared art gallery for best artworks (i.e. global high score board). Missions are now played one-by-one and 75% result is needed to open next one.

Visit the art gallery at

Here is new trailer video for the game:

Game is available for Android from Google Play.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Artist's Eye application

Unleash your creativity with Artist's Eye drawing aid application. Artist's Eye is utility that helps you to draw or paint with real pen or pencil to paper or canvas. It can be applied in any kind of visual arts including drawing, painting and wood engraving.

Choose model picture (e.g. photo) and while you draw watch your drawing through the phone or tablet (that need to have camera). Model will be shown semi-transparent on the top of your ongoing drawing helping you to outline the contours. It is best if you can attach phone to some kind of support stand so that it stays still and both hands are free. This is not cheating but a new way of working and learning as well.

Free trial version for Android phones and tablets is available from Google Play.


Wood engraving

Photo Art Maniac game

Photo Art Maniac is a new kind of creative photo shooting game where your surrounding reality is the playground and only your imagination sets the limits. Purpose is to take artistic photos according to given criteria. Be fast, be creative, be photo art maniac. A lot of running around household or surroundings is involved.

Free trial version for Android is available from Google Play, current version is 1.3 that contains some bug fixes. Originally this game was made for Symbian^3 phones and that version is available from Nokia OVI store.

There is eight game levels and five missions per each level. Each challenge is a directive to find an object (e.g. red rectangle) and take a picture of it. Once you find it, it gives you a score for accuracy. You need to be as fast as possible to get more points. You need 10.000 points to complete 1st level and open 2nd level. 20.000 points is needed to complete 2nd level and so on. Try to find bright colors in good lightning. Hint: You can reset high score table by long tapping HiScore button three times in a row.


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